W i n e s

V o l é M o s s o B i a n c o

Our Volè Bianco comes from Grillo vineyards in southeastern Sicily. It is floral, inviting, and boasts an ultra-fine, fragrant perlage making it perfect for any moment of the day.

V o l é M o s s o R o s é

Our Volè Rosè comes from head-trained Nero d’Avola grapes in southeastern Sicily. It is a wine of great character, with fine, persistent perlage and a freshness that makes it pleasant and balanced.

O l l i

Feudo Maccari continues its quest for absolute quality in Sicilian wine when it comes to whites as well. And not any white, of course, but a wonderful example of classic winemaking from the island, always a versatile, faithful companion of many styles and just as many appellations. This pure Grillo enchants for its ability to represent something ancient, even archaic, in an absolutely modern way.  

F a m i l y a n d F r i e n d s

Grillo is a very versatile variety whose characteristics make it well suited to aging. This is why Antonio Moretti Cuseri tried to age a small part in oak and egg-shaped concrete tanks, for a few close friends and family members who ended up really liking this new pure version. In fact, they like it so much they suggested adding it to the range.

R o s é d i N e r é

Rosè obtained from a brief maceration process that involves contact with the Nero d’Avola skins. Perfect for classic Sicilian fish dishes as well as bolder, less traditional pairings. It is incredibly versatile and great for all occasions, even beyond meals. Rosé is ever more popular with critics and aficionados, and is a fun wine that is, nonetheless, structured, and great for all occasions.

N e r é

Nero d’Avola, an extraordinary variety native to Sicily, aged in stainless steel. Fun and light-hearted, characteristic, perfect for all occasions and easy to drink. A way to maintain the traditions of southern farmers who love to enjoy the fruits of the latest harvest before a new one begins.

S i r à

Pure Syrah with a label that brings to mind the colors of Feudo and the nearby sea. Its playful graphic elements are a nod to the Moors heads in Sicilian ceramics, one of the most famous symbols of the island.

S a i a

Saia is the best selection of our Nero d’Avola grapes. Its name comes from the irrigation canals created to collect rainwater by the Arabs centuries ago. The traditional head-training system and aging in small oak bottles highlight the characteristics of this grape, which offers intense, complex, round, and elegant wines.

F a m i l y a n d F r i e n d s R o s s o

The only blend in the entire selection: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Syrah, for a bit more of an international feel with strong Sicilian ties.

M a h â r i s

Mahâris, which takes its name from the watchtowers the Arabs used to monitor the sea, is the wine that symbolizes the coming together of different styles and cultures. It is a pure Syrah influenced by the Mediterranean warmth of the island. The limestone-infused land that gives it a fruity, mineral elegance.

S u l t a n a

A winery that aims to preserve the best traditions in Sicilian winemaking certainly couldn’t be without a wonderful sweet wine. And, of course, it would have to be a wine that brings out the best in a magical grape – Moscato, so perfectly in harmony with the island. This wine enchants and brings to mind Noto’s Baroque past thanks to its richness, strength as well as and balance and finesse.  

O l i o

This 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a selection of the best cultivars in Sicily, from Nocellara to Moresca. Thanks to its excellent sensory characteristics and its great harmoniousness, it could be considered a “universal” oil and therefore ideal for all uses in the kitchen, while still accentuating its delicate nature.