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Sicilian Wines

feudo maccari

From the Land to the Wine

We are in the heart of the Mediterranean, between the East and West, North and South, the hot sirocco winds and the harsh northerly winds, the prickly pears trees and the olives groves.

Located in the heart of Baroque Sicily in the wonderful countryside between Noto and Pachino, which is an area well suited to the warm Mediterranean climate, made milder by the proximity to the sea.

All among centuries-old olive trees, dwarf palms, carob trees, almonds and prickly pear trees, which guarantee the perfect environmental ecosystem and the right amount of biodiversity.

Antonio Moretti Cuseri became so fascinated with this area after a trip to the Val di Noto in eastern Sicily in the 1990s, he decided that would be the perfect place for a new endeavor focused on the land and one of its most authentic “fruits:” wine.

feudo maccari

The famous grape around here is named for an incredibly special area: Nero d’Avola, grown using only the head-trained system.

Feudo Maccari

I n t h e h e a r t o f t h e M e d i t e r r a n e a n

Individuals and groups enter our property surrounded by prickly pear bushes and the wonderful shade offered by olive and flowering almond trees. Visitors can make reservations to visit the wine cellar, to taste and learn more about the wines, the result of painstaking work and of the abundant and fertile soils, rich in limestone, which grow oranges, lemons, Pachino tomatoes, vegetables, olives, and grapes. 

Family and Friends

IGP Terre Siciliane

Grillo is a very versatile variety whose characteristics make it well suited to aging. This is why Antonio Moretti Cuseri decided to try aging a small portion in oak and in egg-shaped tanks for a few close friends and family members who ended up really liking liked this new pure version, suggesting he add it to the range.  
Though Grillo is originally from the western part of the island, it has adapted very well to the southeast, showing particularly fine, elegant characteristics. Vinification and aging are conducted with great care, using various materials, from concrete to oak, to best express the aromatic potential of this variety and to increase the softness of its structure. This white makes an impact – its freshness intertwines with the citrus and is reminiscent of the sea.


Sicilia DOC Syrah

Mahâris, which takes its name from the watchtowers the Arabs used to monitor the sea, symbolizes the coming together of distinctive styles and cultures. It is a pure Syrah influenced by the Mediterranean warmth of the island, and the limestone-rich soils that gives it a fruity, mineral elegance. The climate is warm and dry but constantly breezy thanks to the nearby sea, making it the perfect home for this variety, which thrives in Sicilian soils, offering intense wines, with elegant, generous fruit as well as notes of black pepper and spice typical of the variety. An interpretation of Syrah that is rich and elegant, classically Sicilian.


Sicilia DOC Nero d'Avola

This wine is created using the most popular red grape in Sicily, Nero d’Avola, which comes from the southeastern part of the island. It takes its name from the irrigation canals made centuries ago by the Arabs to collect rainwater. We created Saia out of the desire to produce an exceptional wine with a typically Mediterranean profile, capable of representing the best characteristics of the grape variety and its terroir. The choice to age in small oak barrels has helped highlight elegant notes of evolution, which enrich the wonderful exuberance of the fruit, returning all of the noble characteristics to this ancient Sicilian variety.