W i n e T o u r E x p e r i e n c e s

Wine Tour Experience

V i s i t i n g F e u d o M a c c a r i

Visitors can make reservations to visit the wine cellar, to taste and learn more about the wines, which are the result of painstaking work and of the abundant and fertile soils, rich in limestone, which grow oranges, lemons, Pachino tomatoes, vegetables, olives, and grapes.

Guided Visit With Tasting

A visit to Feudo Maccari includes an explanation of the traditional head-training system, terroir, microclimate, and how all of this influences the wine. We will also talk about our production philosophy, the harvesting and vinification processes, and will visit to the barrel room. The tour ends with a guided tasting of a selection of our wines, accompanied by an aperitif or light lunch.

feudo maccari

T a s t i n g s

  • 4 Wines tasting € 25 per person

    Bread and olive oil. Min. 4 people

  • 4 Wines tasting + Light aperitif € 30 per person

    Light aperitif: :Typical Sicily cheese DOP, seasoned sicilian olives and bread with olive oil. Min. 4 people

  • 5 Wines tasting + Light aperitif € 35 per person

    Light aperitif: Typical Sicily cheese DOP, seasoned sicilian olives and bread with olive oil

  • 5 Wines tasting + "Feudo Maccari" aperitif € 40 per person

    "Feudo Maccari" aperitif: Typical Sicily cheese DOP and "primo sale" cheese with black pepper (or fresh ricotta), seasoned Sicilian olives, bread (with olive oli, with capuliato, with caponata and Modica DOP cocholate) and dried sausage or salami.

  • 5 Wines tasting + light lunch € 65 per person

    Light lunch: : Light aperitif + Main course (paccheri with cherry tomato, basil, capers, salty ricotta cheese) or Second course (grilled pork sausage + aubergines parmigiana) + dessert (Sicilian cannoli with ricotta or almond biscuits paired with our passito wine Sultana).
    Subject to availability, min. 4 people and max 12 people. Price for 2 people 150€

Products may change based on availability.

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