V i n e y a r d s

Feudo maccari

L o c a l A r e a


B e c a u s e w e b r i n g o u r w i n e s t o l i f e a m o n g t h e r o w s o f g r a p e v i n e s .

Our vineyards, which overlook the Ionian Sea and natural oasis of Vendìcari, boast constant ventilation, which keeps the grape bunches healthy as they are never stressed from the excessive heat. We practice only organic farming and head train all our vines. Our expert farmers and agronomists aim to create high quality wines, starting with the painstaking care that takes place among the rows of grapevines. This care can be seen right from the beginning of the growth cycle and production process, including pruning, germination, flowering, fruit-set, veraison, the thinning of the bunches, harvesting, and the selection of grapes. All of this while making sure that proper ripening – in terms of phenolic and aromatic components – has taken place, leading to the perfect balance between sugars and acidity and the right amount of anthocyanins, tannins and aromas. The influence of the nearby sea and the limestone-rich soil give our grapes certain unique characteristics.