Well, could Antonio Moretti Cuseri’s desire to astound, to bring on new challenges, have been satisfied in Tuscany? In fact, fascinated by the Val di Noto (Eastern Sicily) while visiting it in the late 90’s, he decided that it would be the perfect place for his next oenological challenge. In 2000, he began his first acquisitions, and “tumulo” after “tumulo” (an ancient Sicilian unit of measurement equal to 1,744 square metres) he pieced together, bit by bit, more than fifty properties. This was the beginning of one of Sicily’s most intriguing projects, with Maccari at its very heart.

The estate is not only 50 hectares of vines, though some are more than 30 years old and are located on different types of soil at different elevations, guaranteeing an overall balance. The estate also has guest lodgings, homes, a tasting room, and naturally a wine cellar. All around, nature expresses its vitality, and the volcanic soils of black and white bring forth oranges, lemons, Pachino cherry tomatoes, vegetables, and olives.